A Christmas Carol 2016.

Milwaukee Repertory Theater.



Designs by Alex Tacoma.


Costume Resident.

The Devil's Music.

Milwaukee Repertory Theater. 

January 2016.



Designs by Jason Orlenko.  


Costume Resident.

Of Mice and Men.

Milwaukee Repertory Theater.



Designs by Rachel Laritz.


Costume Resident.

Child's Bonnet. 
A Christmas Carol.

Milwaukee Repertory Theater. December 2015.



Costume Resident.

Various Distressing Work. 
Cold Mountain.

Santa Fe Opera. August 2015.


Designs by David C. Woolard. 


Dressing/Stitching Apprentice.

Space Punk and Herbie Harrison.

Porthouse Theatre. July 2014.


Designs by Susan Williams.

Fiber-optice fabric panels installed with reverse-aplique processes. 


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